Versatility in mechanized support.

The SMALL BOLTER 99 – MINAX HANDLER for mechanized roof bolting, allows to efficiently and safey reinforce roof structures in underground mines, ideal for sections of 3.10 x 3.10 up to 5.6 m in height. Equipped with Bolting Turret T99 with two Montabert drifter, HC 50 for drilling and HC 28 for bolting and Magazine of bolts. It can install Split Set bolts, Rebar with resin or cement, Swellex, Hydrabolt and Python.

The MINAX HANDLER BOOM allows mechanized meshing. All the entire combined operation can be perfomed safely for the operator. Chassis for heavy duty, articulated 4WD, self propelled with diesel engine, electrohydraulic system for drilling.

Other Drilling Rigs or Front Face Jumbos